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I believe that all beautiful things should be nurtured, appreciated, acknowledged, and most importantly, shared and passed on. I have traveled the world through the eyes of an artist that loves color, craftsmanship, and first and foremost, originality.

Lulu deKwiatkowski was born and raised in New York City, spending her childhood between the electric streets of Manhattan and the colorful and sun-drenched beaches of the Hamptons and Bahamas. Studying abroad during her high school years, she returned to New York, graduating from Parsons School of Design with a Fine Arts and Interior Design degree.

After graduation, Lulu found a home and muse in Paris.She lived amongst its beauty and culture for five years, studying trompe l’oeil, traveling the world, and collecting influences, knowledge, and creativity.  In 1998, Lulu happened upon a fabric mill outside of Paris, and inspiration struck. “Mesmerized, I worked feverishly to transform my previous trompe l’oeil wall paintings into fabric fantasies. A few months later, my textile company LULU DK was born. Since its inception, Lulu has expanded her brand to include wall coverings and has also collaborated with the luxury bed linens firm Matouk, fabric house Schumacher on the LULU DK Child collection, Elson & Co. carpets, and Elite Leather to bring her inspired, wholly original style to their product lines.  Although the company has grown and evolved, its mission has always remained clear – to merge the artistry and craftsmanship of the old world and Lulu’s many travels with the youthful modernity of the new.

With our LULU DK lifestyle shop, we strive to continue to grow and share this mission and inspiration with you. “Being the youngest of six meant that from a young age, I had to find what was unique about me,” recalls Lulu. “Hence, I have always searched and shopped for things that make a statement – a statement that is a little earthy, a little colorful, a little personal, and most importantly, a statement that elicits happiness and memories.  A home should be filled with a wonderful array of found objects, living flowers, colors, paintings and fabrics and furniture that let you kick back from a long day, jump around with your children (without fear of breaking the china), and be inspired.  So, if you are feeling like your life needs a little soul, spunk, and originality, I am sure you will find it with LULU DK.

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